niedziela, 14 września 2014

Lonely journey .

Some time ago I've read a post about travelling alone . To be honest, I’ve never considered this type of visiting the world . I know there are a lot of lonely voyagers but knowing myself, I knew, it wasn’t for me . Until this one day . It wasn't long journey . It took me only four days . Maybe for someone is not a big deal . But for me it’s like a huge step in saying YES in my life . Why ? Because I’m always too scared . I’m scared of everything .

What I’ve learned ?

I can be independent . When you’re alone you do what you want, you eat what you want, you go wherever you want, you speak to whoever you want, you dress whatever you want . Probably the majority of people is doing this stuff on daily bases but when you know it’s only you and nobody else it makes difference . Believe me .
I have to care about myself . When you’re an adult it’s quite obvious . But how often you just forget to close the door or take this important documents from your desk ? Exactly . Being alone in foreign country forces you to think about everything at least three times . Have I packed everything ? Is it safe to visit this place ? Is it safe to go out after this hour ?
I have to trust myself . You’ve to know yourself . When you don’t have anybody to talk to, you stay with your own thoughts  alone . Sometimes you simply realize what you really like or not, sometimes you find some extra powers you have .
I have a problem . I can deal with it by myself . I’m this type of person that usually doesn't ask for help . But in the same time I create obstacles at every little step . And then I complain a lot . But if you don’t have anybody to hear you, you just stop doing it . The majority of problems disappears . Magic .
I can adapt very quickly . Having been abroad I had this impression than all population was watching me. And I didn’t like it . I decided to act like a native . It’s the best thing you can do . You have to speak in another language . You eat what natives eat . And the end of the day you do and behave like them .

I want to encourage every single one of you to travel alone just this one time . I’m not really sure if I want to repeat the experience . But at least I know I can do it . All by my self .


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